• Mandy Webster

Do Unto Others...

The Golden Rule; most of us know it as "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". I try to live life this way and teach my children to live this way as well. In fact, I often try to go above and beyond to bring happiness to people who are important to me. I am always telling my husband, that making other people happy is what makes me happy. One of my favorite ways to do this is through a celebration or party. Being able to create a moment and/or memory, for someone who is special to me, is an amazing feeling!

In the past year I have thrown or helped organize over twenty parties or events. I have thrown multiple birthday parties, a few baby showers, a retirement party, a promotion party, a graduation party, holiday events, work events, community parties and so on and so forth. I just love bringing people together and making people happy. As mentioned in previous blogs, I consider myself an extreme people person, so parties are definitely in my wheelhouse.

I have recently taken my love for parties and incorporated it into an even bigger way to give back and do for others. The idea came from a hugely successful party, that ironically enough, was thrown for myself and a friend. My good friend, Emma, and I, threw a joint "1980's" themed birthday party to celebrate our fortieth birthdays (as we were both born in January of the same year). The party was a huge success with over 100 people attending. Unfortunately, Emma had recently found out some bad news and after the party, underwent multiple operations and treatments to fight two different types of cancer. With much fight, Emma is now doing well and cancer free. She was recently selected by a charity organization to be a participant in a grand adventure for survivors of life changing events. As a selected participant, the charity requested that she, in turn, try to raise funds to sponsor a future participant. So Emma reached out and asked what my thoughts were on throwing another party together; this time as a fundraiser. Of course, I was on board and we got to work. We moved from the eighties to the nineties and (in the name of charity) charged a cover fee this time. The party/fundraiser was a huge success and this August, Emma, along with other survivors, will be trekking the Grand Canyon across and back again!

I feel like my love of people will ultimately help me thrive in my future career. I have mentioned in previous blogs, that my goal is to be a successful mortgage broker; and people skills are pertinent in this field. Earlier I said that "Being able to create a moment and/or memory, for someone who is special to me, is an amazing feeling!" What better way to create a special moment for someone than to help make their dreams come true by helping them purchase a new home. This desire to positively work with people is what led me to recently change my career path and goals. I just could not see sitting alone in an office crunching numbers and allowing my social skills to go unused. Well I hope you've enjoyed learning about one of my passions. And as always, thanks for visiting and we'll talk again soon!

This post dedicated to one of the strongest women I know; my friend, Emma


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